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The Story of Petra
It’s your Decision

While plastic waste threatens to cover our oceans and the world’s most beautiful beaches, 27 year old Petra Maier struggles with her life. She feels the need for change. It is time for you to take over her life. Will she take over her father’s old recycling company, or is she ready to design products made from post-consumer materials, that might well change the world? Help Petra to make the best of it.

Every decision you make is like a little seed, that grows into a different ending. But be careful: Some decisions will lead you to a GAME OVER.

The Message
It’s a circular Economy

Every step Petra takes, every decision you make for her, is part of a circular economy. Our lives are filled with plastic products. But that doesn’t mean our world has to be covered by them. Petra’s story offers the chance to explore different aspects of a circular economy, where plastic is not considered as waste, but instead as a valuable resource for new products and business ideas.

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